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Technobubble covers games, gadgets, technology and all things geek. Just keep it to yourself. There certainly were are a lot of memorable games this year and I especially had a hard time figuring out my top five. Yup, first-world problem, I know. So go ahead and warm up those gaming thumbs as I go through my list of top games for this year.

Chat is unusably laggy and the matchmaking system is unintuitive, but both will surely improve with time. However, while most of my grievances.

By DrkrZen , Apr 28, 3, 2 0. Having constant trouble with By DrkrZen , Apr 28, 3, 2 0. OP DrkrZen Member. Level 2. Joined: May 24, Messages: 36 Country:. As a preface, sometime late last year, I jumped through hoops and hurdles for my 3DS to get my most played games all running online

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MH4U is sadly depopulated, and most of those players are either cheaters or have cheated gear. Not sure about Generations. I’ve never played it.

It works flawlessly,. Attached: emulatedMH4U. I’m always moving from place to place, so I’m settling with my homebrewed 3DS. Attached: You tell me. Netplay works, but only between emulators. No connecting to the “real servers. Attached: aimbotclawsemulated. How is it with a controller? For exemple if I want to combine stuff while in combat how would I proceed? Does it allow for any kind of netplay by chance?

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Congratulations on getting on board with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Demo! While said demo seems simple at first with only a few monsters to consider, Hunters can easily find themselves thrown rather suddenly into the deep end. New Hunters may have little grasp on the controls and many unknown factors to consider all while a Great Jaggi is going straight for you!

Additionally, even veteran Hunters will see new items and whole new ways to attack monsters and maneuver the hunting grounds to close in on your target, be it Tetsucabra or Gore Magala!

@Candle and RyeBread I also play MH, specifically MH4U on 3DS. real downside to what I’m asking is that it’s going to make matchmaking a.

I’ve played almost every game since the original Freedom, and this is the first one that actually feels new, and not a slight re-hash of previous iterations. The quality of life improvements are something that frankly should have been added ages ago. Not having to check Kiranico every 15 minutes for weapon upgrade trees or monster weaknesses is awesome.

Not having to pack axes or bugnets to gather items, gathering animation not taking forever, not having to paint monsters, being able to break down gear, moving while using items I could go on and on. That being said the core of this game is still very much MH, and I’m kinda curious how people who were put off of previous games are finding this one.

I can see people who didn’t like all the dumb bullshit but didn’t mind the core gameplay loop getting more into this, but how about those who were more put off by the feel of the combat which, aside from some weapon tweaks to make things user, feels pretty much identical. My first Monster Hunter, I only played the beta prior to the full game. Absolutely loving it! In the beta I tried the sword-axe thingy and in the full game I chose the katana as my weapon and got pretty good with it.

Controls and combat felt weird and janky when I first played the beta but after sometime with it and the full game, it doesn’t feel like this at all, it’s great! I tried the game because a ton of people said it’s a bit like Dragon’s Dogma it’s my favorite game and I can see similarities! Game’s super fun!

[Monster Hunter] Monster Hunter World out now! Hatching the friendship-egg.

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MH4U is an action-rpg that revolves around learning monster’s behaviors and The online matchmaking is very easy and I’ve already hunted in a party with.

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The graphical comparison between MH4U and MHW is night an day. It’s like a very late gen The matchmaking didn’t work for me. I had to.

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YouTube™ Video: MH4U: Online Etiquette on this game’s multiplayer and how terrible random matchmaking is for the health of the game.

Drascin Registered User regular. January How does the skill system work here? I just took down Tobi-Kadachi and I figure I should probably make myself an actual armor already. It seems like each piece is a tiny skill on its own. I presume that in order to get higher levels in the skills you’d need to sport multiple pieces with the same skill? But there seems to be precious little that doesn’t overlap.

Steam ID: Right here. Spaffy Fuck the Zero Registered User regular. Holy crap, Anjanath took me nearly half an hour to kill Inquisitor Registered User regular. Preacher Registered User regular.

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Feel free to drop by, chat, or matchmaking in Soulsborne/MH4U: https://discord.​gg/0iRjz6XnC0lZoMP6 AM – 24 دسمبر، 10 پسندیدگیاں; John.

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The appeal of this quest isn’t fighting Rajang, its getting the shown armor as a reward.

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