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Danielle Gray didn’t meet her boyfriend Ray at a bar or through mutual friends, but on her phone via a free app called Tinder. I was like, oh no, what is happening? He runs it out of his office in West Hollywood. How does Tinder work? You pick pictures from your Facebook account and it uses GPS to tell you potential matches that are near you. You swipe to the right if you’re interested in the person and swipe to the left if you’re not interested.

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Everyone loves an outlandish story as much as they like guilt-free doughnuts, right? It has nothing to do with doughnuts, but I…. The menu board stayed quiet this Monday, as I’ve been traveling and finding a little inspiratio Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. Kara’s Cupcakes San Francisco I honestly haven’t found better cupcakes- the s’mores one is the best.

And because we live in San Francisco she’s doing it in true Silicon Valley fashion – using dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Grouper.

New York-based blind date startup Grouper —think Uber, for yuppie polyamory—is down another key member: sources tell me CTO and co-founder Tom Brown is out of the dating game. Brown was described by one source as “the smart one” at Grouper, which as of last year had expanded into 20 different cities. But this same source also told me “the [Grouper] product is shit,” the company has already “laid off half the people,” and while “they still have some cash,” co-founder “Mike [Waxman] was spending way to much money.

Grouper has not replied to repeated requests for comment, nor has Brown, who announced his relocation to San Francisco on Facebook. Shame, it seemed like a fun time. Although most of the people I know who did it have stopped because of the cost vs who you actually meet wasn’t quite worth it for them. Related Blogs. Photo via Grouper’s website. Featured Replies All Replies.

Which dating app is right for you?

Greetings from the emergency room, where I just arrived after ending a first date early. And after a year of being very single without much mingle, I thought it would be funny to try a bunch of new-to-me i. The first thing that made me anxious about online dating was that I had to delete all my favorite apps to make room for the new ones, which promised to find me love or at least a one-night stand.

New York-based blind date startup Grouper—think Uber, for yuppie polyamory—​is tell me CTO and co-founder Tom Brown is out of the dating game. Brown, who announced his relocation to San Francisco on Facebook.

Dating is fun and all, but group dates are in again these days, too, especially with all the group dating apps out there. Several brains are better than one, right? After all, in general, there seem to be dating apps catered to everyone — adventure-seekers and travelers like MeetMeOutside , ones where heterosexual women need to make the first move like Bumble , and even ones for beard-lovers like Bristlr , to name a few — and such is the case when it comes to group social outings, too.

Some only give you a limited amount of time, like 24 hours, to make plans while others coordinate the date for you — all you need to do is show up. Simple enough, huh? And others even include your first round of drinks. Now, you can go on group dates and outings via Tinder Social. Looking for a fun night out? Just create a group which looks a lot like a group text and an activity to do, like hitting up that new bar in Midtown. Plus, you can go back and forth in your settings between being on Tinder solely to date, one-on-one, and Tinder Social.

Plus, you can also have multiple squads.

Grouper (YC W12) launches in 10 cities – SF, NYC, Chicago, Boston, LA, more

Whether it’s young professionals looking to meet other singles or for a friendly night on the town, Grouper aims to disrupt the bar scene and traditional one-on-one dating. Grouper, founded in by a guy getting over a breakup, offers users the opportunity to go on a blind date during which two groups of friends meet for the first time and spend an evening at a local bar or restaurant.

One group usually is composed of three guys and the other of three girls. The company also arranges group dates for gay and lesbian singles. The cost covers the first round of drinks and some light snacks. It’s not creepy online dating, but rather a hangout session for new friends.

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If you’re looking for love, there’s a match-making site for everyone — and I mean everyone — these days. Like Purrsonals , a cat-centric dating site for finicky daters. Or superHarmony. At the risk of getting too niche-y, creepy, or kinky — here are some of the other new options if you’re looking for love with the next generation of online tools. Dating is definitely complicated and not everyone has the time to fill out all of those online profiles.

If you wish someone else would do all the hard work for you, Tawkify may be your ideal dating companion. Less of an online dating site and more of a digital dating concierge, Tawkify sets you up with a personal matchmaker who will find your ideal date and make all of the arrangements for your perfect night out. Is there a catch? Why yes, there is, it’s really expensive!

A conventional dating site with a twist, How About We has you searching for the date you’d like to go on instead of the person you’d like to go on it with — though you may find the two are one in the same. Individuals post date ideas — and a bit of personal information — and connect with people who are interested in going out. Once you’ve found your special someone, How About We helps you come up with creative date ideas by suggesting local events and activities.

With the very appealing price of free, it’s hard to ignore the appeal of How About We’s simple dating service — though the couples service does have fees.

6 Group Dating Apps To Try With Your Squad

Just when you thought Tinder could be no shallower, TechCrunch breaks it to you that within the dating app is a secret members-only version “for celebrities and people who do really well on. Sex, love, and other mysteries in the city your mother warned you about. Most actual Bubbes, or Jewish grandmothers, prefer to do their well-meaning nagging and cajoling in person or over the phone.

Well what do you know! Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad, who famously did not know what the word sodomy referred to, isn’t a total idiot!

Well Grouper is exactly like Hitch, except instead of gaining confidence from the Fresh Prince, you get it by bringing two friends on your date.

Oct 14, Business Models , Recurring Revenue. We recently stumbled upon a number of new mobile-based dating websites that, rather than asking daters to subscribe based on a monthly fee, charge by the date, or what they call Pay Per Date, or PPD. This generation wants to be out and about and find a date right now. Usually, PPD participants pay no additional fees, other than the one-off charge for setting up each date.

A Chicago-based website, Project Fixup , uses matchmakers to make the arrangements for a casual get-together that lessens the pressure of that first date. No need for lengthy profiles and out-of-date profile pictures. The site works deals with various bars and restaurants as an additional source of cash for its revenue stream. One thing to keep in mind is that if someone uses Grouper just once a week, they pay more per month than the cost of premium services at sites like Match.

Grouper: A Spin on Blind Dating

Another day, another development to help us poor, single Angelenos find true love. Courteney, who was inspired after meeting her fiance years ago on Match. Getting her start producing dating events in Orange County, Courteney eventually moved up north, where she began working at Grouper more on that below. Paid users take priority in matching, but there is also a free option which sends out some matches, but is not as consistent or guaranteed.

SL: What was your experience like working at Grouper? I went on a few of those dates with friends and we ended up with the most bizarre matches!

Courteney Kay, founder of Sparx and formerly at Dating Ring and Grouper, shares about what she sees in the industry and problems unique to San Francisco.

Subscriber Account active since. Grouper Instead of relying on machine-driven algorithms to find you a potential date or new friend in the real world, New York-based startup Grouper tries to do things a little more, shall we say, humanely. Here’s how it works: You link your profile to your Grouper account when you sign up, and set up a few “preferences”—like how much older or younger you want the people you are meeting to be, and what kind of bar you want to go to.

Then, Grouper uses your Facebook profile to match you up with three other people—guys or girls, depending on what you select. You bring two friends—”wingmen” or “wingwomen”—and meet for a drink, and it goes from there. Worst-case scenario, you had a quick drink with friends and some new people. Best-case scenario, you met your future wife, or friends that will last a life time.

We caught up with cofounder Michael Waxman to find out what makes Grouper different from other sites. Here’s what we learned:. I moved out to San Francisco, had 25 full-time employees—including a cofounder of Airbnb—but unfortunately we flamed out. I was really humbled to have been able to work with people like that. But when it didn’t work out, I w ent back to school and graduated and moved to New York after graduating.

Grouper App

If you’re dating online, you’re probably already on it. Since its release in — and with its signature swipe-right-to-like, swipe-left-to-pass user interface — Tinder has become the go-to dating app and has shaped many that follow. Users post a few images of themselves and a brief write-up.

West Coast Director/ Head of Membership & Premium Matchmaking. Dating Ring​. Mar – Jul 2 years 5 months. San Francisco Bay Area. Grouper.

A new dating service sets up dates where you take your mates with you. Sally Newall spills the beans on her romantic night out with a difference. Internet dating is exhausting. You have to write a profile, sift through other people’s efforts, contact them, set up a date — and then go on the damn thing. Then there’s pre-date research; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn while logged out, obviously.

After that, more often than not you don’t click, then spend the evening secretly texting friends while fantasising about sitting on the sofa watching Gogglebox. Even sites such as Tinder — the online dating site that doesn’t have profiles, just the option to swipe on someone’s photo to register your interest — can end in an uncomfortable evening when your date doesn’t match up to his or her picture.

But a new dating service or “social club” aims to take away the hard work of going solo, matching up two groups of friends for a night out. Grouper, which launched in and is already running in 25 US cities, is launching in London next month. It’s dating, with mates. Users sign up via Facebook, invite two “wingmen” and answer some questions including two truths and a lie about themselves.

Grouper then “hand matches” the original trio with another group crucially, each group can’t have any mutual Facebook friends and on the day, tells them where to meet.

Online Dating Sites Find New Way to Cash in on Love

San Francisco independent record store Aquarius Records opened in and was known for expert curation, especially when it came to psychedelic rock, metal, and other obscure music, including local and independent artists. It was the kind of store where one could find a new favorite with each visit. It’s due in summer , but the director has shared the first seven minutes of the film online and you can watch it below. Here’s more info:.

Grouper. For people who would rather meet in groups. The app picks the time and place. Free to download but each meet-up has a cover charge (for a round of​.

Last fall, Kati Schmidt quit her day job and set out to start her own company. Meet Pina Colada, a modern, localized riff on the group date concept introduced by Grouper a few years ago. A lot of apps have come and gone, but it looks like swiping is here to stay. Many San Franciscans have currently signed up for multiple dating apps, they swipe a lot, text back and forth and become overwhelmed and tired of it. Because of the financial and time commitment, it weeds out people who are just looking for a hookup.

Our users fill out a brief survey but do not have to take selfies, nor create profiles nor engage in the same small talk over and over. Once we find a group of six like-minded singles we invite them to one of our group dinners. All our users have to do is RSVP and show up. My friend Katharina and I came up with the concept four years ago when we were both single and living in Berlin.

We started recruiting our single Facebook friends and invited them to a group dinner in our favorite restaurants. Our dates were so popular that even friends in relationships were curious about joining!

Dating in San Francisco is like…